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Dentist Muntinlupa

The dental clinic of Dr. Elkie Lumagui and doctors Dr. Juan Sudcalen and Dr. Mark Jason Reyes, offers a complete diagnostic and instrumental dental service.

Situated at No. 164, A. Aguirre Street, Barangay BF, very close to Muntinlupa Area is reachable in a short time from the main Metro Manila.

During the years the clinic has developed, and organized in a complete and self-sufficient dental clinic. Since then, we always kept pace with the evolution of new dentistry methods with professionalism and advanced technology.

Our choice, has always been to create a structure formed from a team of multi-specialist which guarantees excellent performance in all branches of dentistry, as in others areas of medicine, this requires a high degree of specialization.

The clinic is divided into five operational areas in constant contact with each other.

In our clinic is possible to undergo treatments in conscious sedation. The controlled administration of oxygen and nitrous oxide, induces a sense of relaxation, reducing emotional stress, perception of pain and anxiety, increasing the relaxation of the patient and facilitating the collaboration with the physician.

The radiology area is equipped with the most modern equipment and is able to offer patients with an immediate and comprehensive diagnostic (Digital Radiography Endoorale, Orthopantomography, Teleradiography, Cone Beam).

In our study we address and resolve all the oral health and dental care problems. A team of doctors, assistants and secretaries is constantly working to offer a complete service.

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