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Dental Implants

Restore your smile with this advanced solution

What are dental implants​?

Dental implants are posts which are surgically inserted into the jawbone. They are made of a durable and strong material such as titanium. Dental implants represent a revolutionary technique for tooth replacement. These artificial tooth replacements fuse to the jawbone of the patient and provide stable support for the new teeth. It is good to know that there are so many different dental implants systems which are available on the market but, the most important thing is that they all deliver a successful treatment if placed according to all instructions. The key point of the implant insertion is the achievement of immediate close contact with the surrounding bone. Dental implants have internal screw thread or some type of post which allows various components to be placed. Once fitted, mentioned components give long-term support of dentures, crowns and also bridges. One great thing is that dentures could be placed over implants in order to increase the stabilization and to improve the patient eating and speaking. This amazing fit allows he patient to feel more natural their bridges and dentures than the conventional method. This is an excellent idea for those people who cannot get comfortable with mobile dentures. A positive advantage of dental implants is that the adjacent tooth doesn’t need to be prepared for holding the new tooth.

Not all patients are candidates for receiving implants. They need to have healthy gums, to maintain good oral health care habits, and to have adequate bone for supporting the new implant. Regular dental check-ups and the good oral hygiene habits are crucial to the long-term success of the inserted dental implants. These advanced dental solutions are very expensive than other dental procedures and patients should discuss the payment method with their dental professionals and their insurance companies.

The usage of dental implants​

There are so many positive benefits of the usage of dental implants.
The following reasons are listed as good ones:


These dental fits seem to be the next big thing to healthy, natural and good-looking teeth as the patient feel them like their own. They are created just to integrate with the bone and with time they become a permanent solution.


This is by far one of the greatest advantages of the dental implants. If the patient can’t speak well with his dentures, then, dental implants are the right solution for solving this problem. Dentures can cause the patient to mumble his words. This new advanced method allows patients to speak without the need to worry about their teeth slipping.


These implants are made to last but, only with the maintenance of good dental care and regular dental visits.

Oral health

The main thing about dental implants is that they are immune to cavities and help in the process of protection of the patient’s teeth. They don’t require reducing the protective layer of the surrounding teeth to cover the defect.

The mentioned advantages are few of the many benefits which are related to dental implants and this is why they are gaining in popularity. Every patient who is interested should ask its dental healthcare professional for additional examinations.

Indications and contraindications of dental implants


All persons who are interested in scheduling such an intervention gave the right to know that all types of partial edentulism and also complete edentulism could be successfully restored. If no local or general contraindications are detected, dentures supported by implants are the matter of choice on the rehabilitation process of all forms of toothless gaps. Bellow is listed some situation when these dental fits are highly indicated.

The aingle unit toothless gap with healthy adjacent teeth

This means that when a tooth is extracted an implant screw could be placed into the bone in order to preserve the healthy adjacent natural teeth of the preparation process. But, if this condition is conventionally restored, then a traditional dental bridge would be created but, both adjacent teeth need to be damaged and prepared. The original surface of the adjacent teeth needs to be removed, including portions which may be still structurally healthy.

Partial edentulism with the posterior tooth missing

This condition represents the absence of few posterior teeth and it can be located on one or both sides of the dental arch. Traditional bridges are not a method of choice in this situation so, it would be solved with removable partial dentures. This procedure may require a preparation of more teeth. The best therapeutic alternative is the implant-supported prosthesis.

Complete edentulism

In this situation where all teeth are missing, the only solution available is a full removable prosthesis. A denture which is supported by implants is a perfect solution for better chewing and speaking.

Other conditions: where dental implants could be also indicated are in patients who can’t get comfortable with traditional removable denture and patients who have high aesthetic demands.


General contraindications of placing dental implants are:

Some mental diseases

Active cancer or bone diseases

Irradiated jaw bones because of radiotherapy procedure

Drug and alcohol dependency

Immunological diseases

Uncontrolled Diabetes


Some conditions in the oral cavity may interrupt the placement of dental implants, but, in most of the cases, these situations could be remedied.

– Some chronic infections of the bone or insufficient height or width. To ensure a successful treatment, the dental implant must be inserted into healthy bone tissue.

– Some important anatomical structures, as well as maxillary sinus or the inferior alveolar nerve, have an inconvenient or abnormal position which could interfere with the insertion of the dental implants. Some additional surgical treatments need to be performed before the insertion of the dental implants.

Dental implants are a cost-effective and at the same time durable treatment alternative for the missing teeth. They would restore the patient confidence in their smile as well as the function and bite effectiveness. It is a simple procedure and well worth of the patient’s investment.

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