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Our in-House dental laboratory/dental technicians

Dental laboratory, with its stuff- dental technicians, is one of the most important parts of the dental industry. They are usually “invisible” for patients, but their job is very important in the production of prosthodontics, orthodontics or implant guides. Long before digital dentistry was introduced to everyday practice, dental technicians had a crucial part in the production of fixed and removable prosthodontics. Many procedures still need their assistance. For example, complex technical procedures in the production of crown and bridges in a conventional manner for ceramics fused to metal so as design and production of removable prosthodontics and combined prosthodontics (fixed +removable) still needs a good and skilled dental technician.

Depending on the dental work that needs to be fabricated, a job of a dental technician may vary. From making plaster model after impression taking to modeling the future work in wax, producing the alloy casts, modeling ceramic overlay and many other steps in the fabrication of patient’s future teeth. The artistic eye and hand and talent to notice the shape, color, and size of patients teeth was always part, not only of the dentist but also of a dental technician too.

The Workflow

Dental laboratory, a working space of a dental technician, contains many different appliances and materials, such as dental casting machines, porcelain furnace, machines for final processing and polishing. While named appliances are present nowadays in dental laboratories, contemporary laboratories usually have at least a few more of modern gadgets.

With the development of digital dentistry, laboratories experienced some changes in the way of collaboration with dental offices and patients. Software like Digital Smile Design (DSD) is widely used to define future dentures before actual work is even started. Based on high-quality photographs, this software can precisely calculate the ideal dentures for each patient’s, based on their facial physiognomy and anatomy.

When the patient is satisfied with the designed smile, the dentist can take impressions with impression materials or with dental arch scans and send them to the dental laboratory. Thanks to these impressions, dental technician produces wax-up, the model of future dentures made in wax that can be presented to the patient for the additional changes. After the patient sees the size and the shape of its future teeth, a mock-up model can be produced by digital or conventional methods in the dental laboratory. A mock-up is a temporary model of a patient’s future dentures that can be fixed on patient’s present teeth in order to create a dynamic impression for the patient regard its future dentures in the real timeframe.

Digital Dentistry

Introduction of digital dentistry brought greater comfort and minimized the time spent in a dental office. From specially designed scanners for teeth and dental arches to designing software and milling machines, dental crowns and bridges can be produced in a single-visit.

Cad Cam dental laboratory

These technical units present contemporary dental laboratories that are still not present in all dental offices worldwide but all visionary dentists understand the importance of such a workflow.

In the first place, procedures are much more simplified, less time-consuming and more comfortable for the patients so as for the dentist. Intraoral scanners replaced conventional methods of impression-taking which shortened the time spent in the dental chair with skipping the unpleasant experience during impression taking in an old way. Besides this, digital impressions are more precise which leads to greater and more suitable design of the final restoration.

Our dental office uses the newest intraoral appliance for intra-oral scanning called 3shape, Denmark. This device provides fast and comfortable scanning for all types of dentures, from veneers to full prosthodontics. Once the scanning is finished, a patient can discuss their future smile with its dentist thanks to specially designed software that can instantly calculate and present the future look of patient’s dentures.

Besides this device, our laboratory is equipped with the most recognizable milling and grinding unit in the market called inLab MC XL unit from Dentsply Sirona, one of the leading companies for digital dental units. This machine is perfectly designed for in-office laboratory workflow. It allows fast and precise production of prosthodontics of any kind and material, so the patients can have their dentures in a single-visit. From ceramics, polymers to metal alloys and it is compatible with materials from all leading companies on the market, such as VITA, Ivoclar Vivadent, 3M, SHOFU, GC, Coltene and many others. Another great machine available in our dental office is LabTech 25 wet from DentalDirekt, Germany. This 5-axis milling machine is suitable for all kind of materials like wax, plastic, PMMA, composites, glass-ceramics, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, and hybrid ceramics. It is also compatible with all CAM software which allows our dentists to produce almost all dental restorative and prosthodontics procedures in a single visit.

The modern age is bringing many digital innovations in our lives and it’s followed with changes in the dental industry as well. Our team understands these changes, our patients’ demands and the worth of personal time and space nowadays. We believe that each patient deserves the best possible dental care and that they need to be well informed when making decisions for their future smiles. This is exactly why we decided to improve our dental laboratory with the highest standard appliances in order to achieve the best prosthodontics solutions with the wide range of the materials of the greatest quality in the market.

3d printing

In our dental laboratory, 3D printing revolutionizes our processes, enhancing precision and efficiency. The fabrication of dentures involves layer-by-layer printing, ensuring a tailored fit for optimal comfort and functionality. Drill guides, intricately crafted through 3D printing, facilitate precise implant placement, minimizing errors during procedures. Additionally, temporary crowns are swiftly produced, allowing for quick patient solutions with a high degree of accuracy. Embracing this technology has not only elevated our craft but also improved patient outcomes through customized, reliable dental solutions.

Crown and bridges construction procedure

By constant educations and implementations of the new technologies we are keeping up with our patients needs offering a wide range of dental procedures. Our team is well educated and experienced with all techniques and procedures for achieving the best functional and esthetic rehabilitation. After the first appointment, followed with detailed dental examination and analysis, you can discuss your future dentures with your dentist. Beside modern equipment and possibilities for all kind of restorations and materials that can be used, one of the most important steps in planning is an individual approach in functional restoration of future dentures with the special accent to an esthetical component. By choosing the right materials and design of the restoration and with all advantages provided with modern, digital laboratory you can be sure in the best possible outcome, longevity and esthetics of your dentures.

All dental technicians working in our laboratory are well trained and had graduated from the best Dental Schools in the country.

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