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Dentist Alabang

From the first visit, who enter in the Dental Clinic of Dr. Elkie Lumagui, situated at the No. 164, A. Aguirre Street, Barangay BF Homes, very close to Alabang area, will find a warm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect to create a great connectio with the team of professionals that work in the Dental Clinic.

Our dental practice, provide to all his patients, a team of young professionals, constantly updating and specializing in the latest aesthetics and minimally invasive prosthetic rehabilitation.

Through a photographic study of the patient’s face and subsequent digital processing, we are able to design the perfect smile for each person by correcting imperfections such as: space between the teeth, smile that shows too much gum, stains teeth, rotated teeth.

Our strength is also our surgical experience in implantology, using digital imaging to achieve functional and aesthetic results, always using minimal traumatic approach, in some cases even in very short time, 24/48 hours.

The Dental Clinic not only has a very comfortable environment, but offer also very high standards of sterilization, thanks to very strict cycle of cleansing, ultrasound treatment, bagging and sterilization with the latest autoclaves models.

When necessary we create a circuit of periodic controls programmed in time for maintaining the dental achievement with care and constant monitoring of oral health.

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