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Dental Hygiene at Cosmetic And Family Dental Clinic In Manila

Sterilization is one of the most important factors of the success of a dental treatment. Fortunately we are equipped with german technology, in our dental clinic a “Melag Euroklave 29-s” is in use. This type of autoclave is ” Made in Germany” and one of the most used sterilizing machines in western europe.

Chemical Sterilization

We are also using chemical sterilization medium for our instruments and burs. Also our suction apparatus and our is sterilized once a day after operating from our staff.

Impression Disinfection

In our dental clinic all impressions are disinfected to achieve a high hygienic standard.

Our team welcomes you in our dental clinic , Dr. Elkie Lumagui, Dr.Artemio Usana, Dr. Juan Sucdalen and Dr. Lester Regodon are happy to serve you daily from 8am-8pm.

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