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We offers a wide variety of high quality dental services, ranging from simple dental checkups and dental hygiene treatments to complicated procedures like all on four dental implants or full mouth reconstruction. We are also specialized in orthodontics and prosthodontics and we work with modern technology, mastering the latest dentistry techniques.

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Mouth Reconstruction

We are specialized in full mouth reconstructions. Our dental laboratory is specialized in Cad Cam technology. Cad cam from Noritake (Japan) is a high technology computerized precise way of crown production.You can see our newest cases on this

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Cerec is the modern way of crown, veneer and inlay restaurations. A computer allows us to take an optical impression from the abutment tooth. A milling unit, which is connected to the computer is fabricating a crown within 20 minutes in a precision of 25 mikrometers.

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Orthodontics is the science of straitening of teeth. We recommend to start with an orthodontic as early as possible.

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Prosthodontics is the main specialization of our Dentist practice , with an experience of several hundreds Zirkonia crowns produced we can proudly say that we are very specialized in that field of dentistry.

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Extra Care Options

Additional Services

At our dental clinic, our additional services go beyond routine care, offering advanced treatments like orthodontics, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry. We prioritize your oral health, providing personalized solutions for a confident, healthy smile. Experience specialized care tailored to your needs.

Porcelain Restorations

Zirconia (Noritake/Japan), Empress 2 and Emax are our standard materials.

Gap Closures / Bonding

We close esthetically gaps with veneers or composite restaurations.

Dental Implants

Dental implants as a modern way to replace missing teeth, is a standard procedure at our Dental Clinic. Dental implants from Straumannm and Camlog are commonly used in our clinic.

Extreme Smile Make-Overs

Transforming smiles dramatically, combining advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques for a stunning, confident, and life-changing dental transformation experience.

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