Dentist Las Piñas

At the Dental Clinic of Dr. Elkie Lumagui, you can find excellent dentistry, qualification, professionalism and passion. Dentistry is approached on case to case situations, functional and aesthetic restorations from the most simple to the more complex cases are approached with a multidisciplinary method and minimal invasive procedures.

The Dental Clinic is situated at the No. 164, A. Aguirre Street, Barangay BF Homes very close to Las Piñas area.

The Clinic consists of four operating zones each dedicated to a specific procedure, and all equipped with the most modern technologies, only tools and quality materials are used; a sterilization zone is where instruments and autoclaves are kept following a very strict cycle of cleansing, ultrasound treatment, bagging and sterilization. Then we have a large waiting room with reception, and private studios with a room for training and further education.

At Dr. Elkie Lumagui clinic all the dental disciplines are practiced with accuracy and precision:

    Hygiene and prevention, professional bleaching treatments of the arches and Pedodontics (care of young patients).

    Surgical endodontics orthograde and retrograde with aid of operating microscope.

    Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry, techniques of aesthetic restorations of anterior and posterior composite or ceramic (inlays and veneers).

    Basic Periodontology for the treatment of periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) also associated with regenerative surgical procedures.

    Surgical implantology procedures with bone regeneration and sinus increases even with help of software for digital diagnostic phase and guided surgery.

    Fixed Prosthetics aesthetics on natural teeth with the use of layered ceramic. The esthetic cases are dealt by means of innovative previsualization followed by a phase of clinical previsualization through mock-up. In this way the patient can view the result and only then proceed with the clinic aesthetic restorations with all-ceramic veneers.

    Fixed prosthesis on metal-ceramic systems or Zirconium-ceramic cemented or screwed type and traditional removable denture or possibly anchored on implants (with bars or attacks).

Thanks to her young age Dr. Elkie Lumagui is continually improving herself and her Dental Clinic.